The City of Sugar Hill plays a key role in the conservation and enhancement of the natural environment.

The City is committed to improving its own environments management strategies and practices, developing the environmental understanding and awareness of the community through its own services, and by supporting the activities of other agencies.

Water and Sewer

Gwinnett County Public Utilities provides water and sewer services for the City of Sugar Hill.  They may be contacted at 678-376-6800. Septic Tank Maintenance

Waste Management

The City of Sugar Hill provides weekly curbside pickup for household garbage and yard waste through a contract with Advanced Disposal.  A detailed explanation of this service is provided here:  Waste and Collection

Stormwater Management

Report illegal dumping or discharges into the municipal storm water system using Sugar Hill C.A.R.E.S. Link

Click here to learn more about stormwater pollution.

Electric Service

Georgia Power and Sawnee Electric serve the city with electricity.  Both of these power companies have jurisdictions in Sugar Hill.  Your builder or realtor can provide you with information about which company provides service to your area.

Georgia Power       Sawnee Electric
888-660-5890       770-887-2363

Help Lower Utility Costs

Despite best efforts, higher wholesale natural gas prices will still have some impact on customers. To reduce these effects, customers are encouraged to prepare now. Seek financial assistance programs available in your community, discuss budget billing or payment plan options with your utility, and apply valuable conservation tips, such as these: Click here to read more.

Clean Air Campaign

Click here to read more about how you can contribute to the clean air campaign.

Clean Water Campaign

Water pollution prevention and education. Includes resources for self-awareness and action. Resources   

Greenspace Program

This program encourages rapidly developing counties to voluntarily set aside 20 percent of their land as "greenspace." Georgia Greenspace Program 

Environmental Education Opportunities

Gwinnett Extension Service operates as part of the University of Georgia's College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and College of Family and Consumer Sciences. Gwinnett County Cooperative Extension

Onsite Wastewater Management Systems
and their Environmental Impacts


Keep Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful

Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful

Hazardous Material & Recycling

Litter Hurts You & Gwinnett
  •  Litter hurts your quality of life
  •  Litter makes people feel unsafe and attracts crime
  •  An estimated $20 million a year is spent cleaning up litter in Georgia

How Can You Help? - REPORT IT
Call Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful at 770.822.5187 when you see someone littering. 

Remove It - Immediately!

Call 770.822.5187 to request a roadside cleanup or become an Adopt A Road Group.

Prevent It - Use car litter bags.  Secure loose items in your truck bed.  Place cigarette butts and trash in receptables.

People who report littering should provide us with as much of the following information as possible:
1) Vehicle tag number
2) Where it happened
3) When it happened (day, approximate time)
4) What was tossed out of the car
5) Any physical description of the person who tossed the litter


Sugar Hill Clean & Beautiful

The City of Sugar Hill believes in recycling. Recycling saves and protects our environment. A dangerous polluter are the various rechargeable batteries found in cordless power tools, cordless and cellular phones, camcorders, digital cameras, laptop computers, and two way radios.

How to dispose of these batteries when they no longer hold a charge? There is a national program to collect these various batteries and it’s free and easy!

Pick up a “Be Green” bag at the participating stores, seal the bag and drop off at the collection box. Local stores that participate are Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy and Radio Shack. For the nationwide complete list of collection sites go

Or, you may use this recycling location look-up tool for all of your recycling needs.