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As part of our continuing efforts to provide for the safety and protection of our residents, the City of Sugar Hill began a mosquito control spraying program in early September 2006. Three times a year we will spray throughout the city to help control and reduce the mosquito population within the City limits. This will greatly reduce the probability of West Nile Virus and other mosquito-borne illnesses which peak with the mosquito populations in late September and early October.

Working with the Georgia Department of Human Resources, the Environmental Protection Department, and the East Metro Health District, the City developed this preventative program and purchased the necessary equipment to implement and spray. Sugar Hill will continue to use the Larvicide tablets as well as spraying twice a year in spring and late summer.

Sugar Hill is used as an example of a city taking active steps to reduce or eliminate the mosquitoes that prey on humans and possibly transmit the virus.

Dr. Lloyd Hofer and the staff of the East Metro Health District which monitors, report mosquito populations, and trap mosquitoes to test for carriers of the West Nile Virus, have been very helpful and outspoken in praising Sugar Hill for taking being proactive and taking responsibility with the spraying program to control the mosquito population and its effort to protect its citizens.

Prior to each spraying cycle, the City will post information on the City website, and in the City Newsletter (included in your gas billing statement).

If you have any questions or want further information, please feel free to contact us at City Hall 770-945-6716.

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