Yard Sale Permits and Sign Restrictions in Sugar Hill

City of Sugar Hill Municipal Code


Sec. 18-76. Yard sale defined.
A yard sale is hereby defined as the selling or displaying of goods outside of an enclosed permanent
structure including, but not limited to, the selling or displaying of goods in the area commonly know as the
carport or garage of a residence or the area commonly known as the yard of a residence.
(Code 1988, § 18-71; Ord. of 9-11-1989)

Sec. 18-77. Permit--Required.
It shall be unlawful for any person or entity to conduct a yard sale from property zoned or used for
residential purposes unless the person or entity conducting the yard sale shall have received a yard sale permit
from the city authorizing sale.

Sec. 18-78. Same--Term; fee.
(Repealed August 10, 1998)
(Code 1988, § 18-72; Ord. of 9-11-1989)

Sec. 18-79. Person conducting sale to be responsible for parking violations.
Any person conducting such a sale, after obtaining such a permit, shall do so in such a manner that any
prospective purchaser attending the sale shall not illegally park vehicles on or off the city streets, roads and
highways located in the city, and shall not allow parking to be done on adjacent property, without the express
written approval of the adjacent property owners. The person obtaining the permit and conducting the sale shall be
in violation of this article if any parking violations as defined by this or other ordinances are committed by
persons attending such a sale. If the person obtaining the permit and/or conducting the sale is unable to obtain the
cooperation of a visitor to the sale to avoid violating the parking restrictions contained herein, or any other
parking ordinances or laws, he shall immediately cease the sale, discontinuing all activities in connection
therewith, upon doing so such person shall not have violated the article and shall have no further responsibility
under this article for any illegally parked vehicles.
(Code 1988, § 18-73; Ord. of 9-11-1989)

Sec. 18-80. Penalty for violation of article.
Any person convicted of violating this article shall be subject to a fine of not more than $200.00.
(Code 1988, § 18-74; Ord. of 9-11-1989)

Secs. 18-81--18-105. Reserved.

City of Sugar Hill Municipal Code

City of Sugar Hill Zoning Ordinance

Section 1306. Signs and Sign Devices Prohibited.

For aesthetic and safety reasons, the following types of signs are prohibited in all zoning districts of the City of Sugar Hill.

1. Portable signs.
2. Signs on public right-of-way.
3. Signs which contain or are in imitation of an official traffic sign or signal or contain the words "stop", "go", "slow", "caution", "danger", "warning", or similar words, except for construction signs and barricades and except when the words are incorporated in the permanent name of a business.
4. Signs with varying light intensity which causes a distraction and/or safety hazard.
5. Signs attached to any street signs or markers, traffic control signs or devices, or attached to or painted on any utility pole or structure, tree, rock, shrub, plant or other natural object or feature.
6. Any sign placed or erected on a property without the permission of the owner.
7. Signs which rotate, signs which move, and signs which flash or change at intervals more frequently than once every six seconds.

The City of Sugar Hill shall be empowered to remove or cause to be removed at the owners expense all prohibited signs.