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City of Sugar Hill
5039 West Broad Street
Sugar Hill, GA 30518

Main: 770-945-6716

City Hall hours are M-F 8am to 5pm, except for holidays.

Departments Phone Number
City Clerk (770) 945-6716
Visit the City Clerk's page for the following: Municipal Code, Sugar Hill Business Listings, Occupation Tax/Business Licenses, Alcohol Licenses, Sugar Hill Budget, Open Records Requests, Meeting Agendas & Minutes, Elections, Property Tax and Business Office Staff Contact Information.
City Manager (770) 945-6716
Visit the City Manager's page to view the monthly City Manager Reports. These reports include monthly updates on each City Department.
Code Enforcement (770) 945-6734
Visit the Code Enforcement page to submit an online complaint or report a Code Violation, view City Ordinances and Regulations and to view the Municipal Code.
Community Relations (770) 945-6716, ext. 324
Visit the Community relations page to view monthly newsletters, economic development, press releases, etc.
Gas Utility (770) 945-6716
Visit the Gas Utility page to view important gas related notices to our Customers, Natural Gas Safety, Call Before you Dig, establish gas service, paying your gas bill, gas customer payment assistance program, level billing program, how to identify Sugar Hill Meter Readers etc.
Human Resources  
Visit the Human Resources page to see what job opportunities are available for the City of Sugar Hill and to download and print the employment application and E-Verify form.
Municipal Court (770) 945-6734
Visit the Municipal Court page to learn more about the Sugar Hill Municipal Court; including Court Rules, schedule, FAQ's, Municipal Judges, types of pleas and sentence information.
Parks and Recreation (770) 831-7413
Visit the Parks and Recreation page to learn more about City Parks, event and activity listings, athletics, community programs, event pictures, city recreational facilities and rental information, maps and directions, etc.
Planning and Development (770) 945-6734
Visit the Planning & Development page to learn more about Sugar Hill's Comprehensive Plan, Planning Commission, Meeting Agendas & Minutes, permit and building applications, gas tap meter application, public hearing packet, site development, state license requirements, fees, Zoning Map, Ordinances & Regulations, graffiti, etc.
Public Safety (770) 513-5000 (Non-Emergency Contact)
Visit the Public Safety page to learn more about our Outdoor severe weather warning system, Plaza Security and weekly patrol reports, Gwinnett County Police Department contact information, Gwinnett County Hazard Mitigation Plan, etc.
Public Works (770) 271-2137
Visit the Public Works page to view construction watch pictures, street and sidewalk improvement plans, mulch/wood chips/yard waste services, public safety, outdoor severe weather warning system information, City street listings, etc.
Stormwater Utility (770) 945-6716
Visit the Stormwater Utilities page to learn more about our Stormwater Management Program, rock requests, regulations, storm drain education, user fee rates, FAQ's, etc.
Sugar Hill Golf Club (770) 271-0519
Visit the City of Sugar Hill Golf Club website.